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Important News: PexCor Manufacturing Company Acquired by Mueller Industries
  • An Investment in Research and the Power of InfraredOpen or Close

    Established in 2000, PexCor's goal is to meet the demands of growing markets for high quality and affordable Pex-a pipe in North America. By investing in research and PexCor’s proprietary infrared technology for crosslinking, PexCor is in a unique position to deliver PEX-a pipe (cross-linked polyethylene) to North America. The strategy also involves new developments in the uses of polyethylene for tubing, and research and analysis over long periods at higher temperatures and pressures.

  • Open or CloseManufacturing of Water Distribution ManifoldsOpen or Close


    PexCor also manufactures the TwistSeal family of products, a patented heating and plumbing water distribution manifold. Various OEM accounts including HeatLink Group, and an international community of customers and associates receive this product under various licensing agreements.

    Investment in research and testing laboratories enables PexCor to respond to the changing environment in the worldwide market of high performance plastics for the plumbing, heating and potable water industries.

  • Open or CloseMarketing Goals and InnovationsOpen or Close

    PexCor is using its partner network to deliver PEX pipe products to its ever expanding customer base. This strategy is centered on a unique factory model that can easily be placed in key markets – close to its customers. At present, PexCor’s tubing is shipped from Calgary to its distribution centers. With this factory model, direct shipments are offered and savings passed on to customers.

    PexCor’s proprietary IR processes clearly have advantages, allowing many configurations in packaging that can easily be changed without delay in production. Coils and straight lengths can easily be handled and delivered.

    PexCor will embark on an ambitious program to promote its proprietary IR processes outside of Canada. With its reliable research and data, completed over many years, PexCor can deliver new and improved solutions to supply the demands in this exciting field!

  • Open or CloseMechanical Room in a BoxOpen or Close

    Most recently, PexCor introduced the Mechanical Room in a Box series of panels, distributed by HeatLink. These panels are very installer and consumer friendly. By integrating common components of a hydronic system (pumps, control components and wiring) on a single panel, with a standard 100-volt plug, the mechanical room becomes an appliance.

    • Versatile solutions for simple or complex hydronic heating applications.
    • Pre-fabricated, pre-engineered, pre-wired…pre-cise!
    • High quality, reliable and standardized construction.
    • Modular approach for ease of installation.
    • Appliance-like protective steel cover; tamper-resistant.
    • Closed hydronic systems can be extensively zoned.
    • Solar energy sources can be seamlessly added.
    • When properly piped, there is less component cycling…and more silence.

    • Pre-engineered solutions reduce design and quotation time.
    • Reliable (ETL listed, UL 508, CSA standard), exceeds highest quality
    standards, with multiple test procedures for electrical and mechanical system components.
    • Eliminate on-site design and reduced risk of on-site errors.
    • Known cost; fewer surprises.
    • Reduced installation times; time is money!
    • Trouble-free start-ups every time!
    • Fewer call-backs.
    • Compact and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Easily serviced and replaceable.
    • Covered by a single warranty.

  • Open or ClosePEX-a ProductionOpen or Close

    PexCor Manufacturing Company and Crosslink Finland Oy have a proprietary process for peroxide crosslinking of polyethylene pipes (pex-a) by using short wave length infrared heating having both absorbing and penetrating components in order to achieve even crosslinking throughout the whole pipe wall.

  • Open or CloseRed-Blue-WhiteOpen or Close



  • Nontoxic - free of harmful lead
  • Flexible - bends easily making installations quicker
  • Resists corrosive water and scaling
  • Fewer fittings
  • Quiet - no water hammer noise
  • Equalized pressure drops, minimize hot or cold surges
  • Can easily be repaired if tubing is kinked
  • Durable/long life
  • Labor costs are significantly reduced
  • Light weight
  • Discreet red/blue identification is an advantage where PEX tubing is exposed
    (e.g. water closet connections)
  • Only need to stock two colors, not three
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Freeze and chemical resistant
  • Cold rolled for easier installations
  • UV stabilized for up to 12 months exposure to sunlight
  • Low friction losses


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